Thursday, August 26, 2010

Milk Paint

My mom and I love furnishing our homes.  Nearly every time I pay her a visit, we stop by an old antique shop in the quaint little town of Shelly.  Here, Bramble Furniture sells their amazing pieces for a fraction of their retail price.  My mom has some of their furniture in her home and I just wish so badly that I could afford it myself.  Really, it's the finish that I love.  Here's an example...


Gorgeous, isn't it?  I'd really like to add another piece of molding to a shelf that I have in my family room and create this look.


I love it.  I must add though, you have to be really careful when decorating with pieces like this.  They ooze with character, and you wouldn't want to overdo it.  Keep the rest of your decorating around it simple so that your piece can "sing".
When I found Design*Sponge's tutorial for her
milk painting technique, my heart nearly jumped right out of my chest.  I truly thought that this finish was made for the pros only, something that I could only purchase.  However, Barb has written up a beautiful step-by-step guide to aging your furniture with milk paint.  It's definitely going up high on my eternally lengthy list of things to do.

What do you think of this finish?  Do you think it's fabulous?  Like it belongs at the dump?  Be true, I would love to hear.



  1. Absolutely FAB!! I love bramble furniture (sell it in my studio) & I like trying to replicate their finishes on shabby furniture. Fun and inspiring.

  2. I like it in little bits - accents here and there, otherwise it feels like you just have a bunch of old furniture sitting around that needs to be repaired/ refinished. I'm currently finishing a set of drawers for my girls' room and didn't think I would "antique" it but after I sanded it the first time and the edges showed - I LOVED it. So go for it if you like it!