Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Review}Etcetera by Sibella Court

My great grandmother was newlywed during the Great Depression.  I never had the opportunity to talk to her about what it was like or how they managed to get by (I was pretty young... and dense... to even think about asking such things), but I loved going down into her basement and looking at all of her belongings from a far simpler time.  It was like treasure for me, and I would sit and take it in forever.  Her old scissors, her iron, the jars... all of it was so lovely. 
Now that I'm older and have a house of my own, I find my favorite kind of home decorating comes from flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops where I can fix things up a little so that they're perfect for my home.  When I visited Anthropologie recently, my eye caught this book...

The woman behind this work is truly amazing, and her style is one of a kind.  I'm not saying that I could decorate my entire house like this, I do crave electricity and my microwave, but I love a little old thrown in with the new.  Check out
what's inside for yourself.

sibella3  sibella11

sibella12   sibella8

WB 020 On a side note, Heather had two super fun photo sessions yesterday.  Click on this link to check out the cuties!!



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